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  • Amarjot Kaur
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  • January 3, 2017
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A view to behold!

View From The Third Eye, a photography exhibition, showcases the talent of students at Vivek High School

Amarjot Kaur

The Tribune12-07 00:54



Diwan Manna with participants at Government Museum and Art Gallery Photo: S Chandan


Amarjot Kaur


With refreshingly interesting ideas that evolve from an innocuous temptation to capture a sight or a feeling without consciously chasing perfect is perhaps the essence of View From The Third Eye, a photography exhibition by the students of Vivek High School. A part of their photography club, Slupteye, under the guidance of Navneet Saxena, the exhibition showcased more than 108 photos by 66 photographers at The Government Museum and Art Gallery, Sector 10. With subjects that ranged from beach views, landscapes, cityscapes, astrophotography, village and city life, wildlife, portraits, macro and tabletop portraits, landscape, astronomy, and architecture, the exhibition is artistically quite experimental. Diwan Manna, renowned photographer, who judged the photography competition and addressed the session on the topic ‘Transitioning from being a hobbyist to being a pro photographer’ emphasised to integrate photography into mainstream education as the art in itself helps to fuel for free expression, thought-process development and focus building. Navneet Saxena, director of Sculpteye, shares, “The club had been launched more than two decades back with an endeavour to open new doors and possibilities in the field of photography which can help people to identify between choosing photography as a hobby and mainstream career.” The club, he informs, has been partnering with noted photographers who share the same vision and exceptional talent. “We for the exposure of the students have been conducting various workshops and arranging photography trips for the students as a part of the course which will advantage them of a world of endless possibilities and international certification will catapult their careers and resumes.” Diwan Manna, on the occasion, judged the photographs and declared the winners. Aryan Vashishta, Sahaj RaiHarsh Vardhan Sikka, the three winners, received the cash prize and a citation.


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