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World art on one platform - Bodhgaya Biennale - The Tetegraph, Calcutta

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  • January 3, 2017
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World art on one platform - Bodhgaya Biennale

- The Tetegraph, Calcutta

4 October 2016

By Faryal Rumi

The first edition of the Bodhgaya Biennale will recreate the magic of international contemporary and traditional art, said Ganga Kumar, IAS, the managing director of Bihar State Film Development and Finance Corporation in Patna.

The programme will be organised from December 17-23 at Sujata Vihar in Bodhgaya.

Artistes from more than 30 countries, including Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Cuba, Egypt, Finland, Spain, Turkey, US, England, Korea, Norway, Thailand, Scotland and Japan, will display various art forms during the seven-day programme.


During the conference, Ganga Kumar said painting, sculptures, print-making, digital art, dance performance, stage play, film and video-screening would be showcased in Bodhgaya Biennale.

"Famous artists such as Vivan Sundaram (Indian contemporary artist), Balan Nambiar (painter and sculptor), Diwan Manna (art photographer), Jagannath Panda (sculptor), Veer Munshi (painter and artist), Goutam Ghosh (film-maker) and many more will participate in the event. Diplomats and ambassadors of the participating countries are also invited to the programme," he said.

He added: "After Kerala, Bihar is the second state which would organise such a gala event for art lovers. Bodhgaya is an important tourist destination and carries a tradition of harmony among various art forms. People across the world visit here every year but during December the footfall would be high."

Bodhgaya Biennale is being organised by cultural organisation Bihar Canvas in association with the film development corporation, Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation, Beverage Corporation, Pul Nirman Nigam, Grameen Sneh Foundation, Takshila Education Society, and Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Patna.

"A lecture on contemporary art will be organised for art critics from across the globe, while a discussion on it will be organised by Takshila Education Society. IICR-Patna will provide assistance in the display of art forms of South Asian countries," said Ganga Kumar. "The talks will bring pertinent issues into focus and create a dynamic platform to exchange valuable ideas and initiate meaningful dialogues between artistes and public."

He added all information on the biennale will be available on the official website, www.bodhgayabiennale.com.



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